Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video Spring

Two weeks ago must be years ago, at least it feels like this after intensivley producing video for 2 weeks. Although I've already taken a course about producing video, it was all so new with the ds106 assignments I've chosen. I already knew about making clips and editing them to something, but I didn't know anything about searching movies and other materials and make something new, and I did not know about being creative with this. The mentioned course just taught about producing interviews and reports with a certain content and to use certain technology, which I anyway have not available for my private production.
Browsing through the ds106 video assignment bank, I loved reading about producing funny or personal videos like, "Exercise the awesome power of MS Paint to create a music video!" or "Make a video that represents who you are."
In addition to this I now know even more about video producing technology, like how to record your screen or how to download youtube videos, and after this third video week I'm far more experienced in video editing. I feel as if I can nearly take any editing challange now. Still, I presume if I don't proceed in editing video I may forget much of what I've done this 2 weeks. I realized that this could be when I used sometimes audacity to eidt my video sound and did not know any more how to do this as qualified as during the audio assignments of this course.

The following is a list of the posts of the assignments I chose from the assignment bank for the video weeks 10, 11 and 12:

Harmonium Love: A modern movie turned int o a silent movie

Troll Beauty: 5 seconds from 5 clips about trolls

Delusion: Ambiance for a poem.

The Lion and Me: Foley added to a silent film

Interactive Spiderwick: An essaylike comment on a vidoe game.

Actually I am amazed by this list but also confused about if really it was me who produced them. I feel like a stranger in my own realm.
I also now watch movies in a different way, which has become stranger, too. I guess it is the nature and amount of information which now reaches my awareness. This surely can be scary.

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