Sunday, April 14, 2013

Interactive Spiderwick

When I was at art university and this way watched the world of art for some while, I expolored that artists may call themselves free and liberal, but they are not. I studied the Fine Arts and my professors very much critizised the ideas of their students and by this taught them the rules of the Fine Arts. Nobody did dare to contratict, but I quitted some day, a kind of outnumbered.
One issue was somehow arrogance concerning the content of artwork. If I have a great idea and clearly do artwork like a skilled painting, sulpture or printing, why not having pop culture as content? I ignored the rules by doing 12 big paintings on the Harry Potter movies. I've paid dearly for this; no aknowledement at all for this great paintings, except from people who were interested to show them children. I did not mind, just for little children the paintings might be frightening, because my idea was to bring to consciousness what big faces on a wall could cause, namely being overwhelmed or even frightened while being movies.

However. I had to fight this rules again for a ds106 assignment, in which you may comment while playing a game.
The most influential people in my life would not like to hear that I play any game anyway, except maybe together with other people and then a board game. This is OK, but I'm so excited of exploring different media, that base on a story in a book. This case the Spiderwick Books by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi.
This way, apart from commenting, I discuss the claim that the game is completely after the movie. Yet, I have to say that the game has mostly its own elements very different from book and movie. Even more important I find that the game contains ideas of the books, which are clearly not part of the movie.


Which I did not forsee was how much editing this will going to be.

I played the game for about 30 minutes and recorded it with a software called bandicam. I thought it might be more lively when I speake and record the comment the same time. Now I had 30 minutes of game play and 30 minutes of comment and I had to make it into a clip not too long. When I cut the material anywhere I had to find a piece which fit to this cut. In the above screenshot you can see what this meant. I've worked hours on this.
Apart from the cutting I added illustrations from the books, which I found on the Spiderwick Wiki and I put on scenes form the Spiderwick movie to make my point clear. To find sources for pictures and to scan the movie for appropriate scenes was part of my last week preproduction for this assignment

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