Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Lion and Me

Some time ago I did an audio assignment, for which I recorded foley sound for a movie clip. I uploaded this to a group at Soundcloud and wondered about what will become out of this. I  now know. For the assignment "Charlie Chaplin’s Foley Artist" you now can use all the uploaded foley sounds to finish your video and so I did.

It was a nice experience to have not just material I recorded but could choose from what other people have created for this assignment, which often were more funny than my recording. This helped to develop a lovely story.

This was not too complicated. I just had to combine the clip with the appropriate foley. All the same I added two music clips which I both let appear repeatedly. This gave the movie an exotic musical rhythm.  I lik this because of the tiger and the lion and to make Charlie appear more modern, which he surely was anyway. 
For the last segments I had to think out something, because there was no foley given for this. I decided to record some dialogue. I further add two groans, one for the tiger and one for the lion.
Here a screenshot of my video editor, where I have already removed the sound of the clip and I also have added the given foley sounds.
Here a list of links to the materials I have used:
foley sounds: by Kelsie by MsParker by ConfusedEasily by Klamb by Cwyrough by kaitlyn

additional sounds:
Tigers Roar
Lions Roar

Flowers Simplistic Beats
Chance Piano Intro

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