Sunday, April 7, 2013

Troll Beauty

I like watching fantastical movies mainly for the imagination they show. What I've never understood, why trolls? And why do they always fall on down with a big thud? See here Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (2001) and Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (2001). I thought they are just big and boring.

I started looking for troll scenes for this assignment, which is to use five 1 second clips from 5 movies to create a 5 second video.  First I hoped I will find more clips with trolls falling on their bags, but then I got a new idea. It looked like many of the videos I watched were caring for showing me the reason why so often trolls are so intensively occupied in fantasy movies. I observed movie makers of recent fantasy films has gone beyond trolls being just stupid and hideous, but often let their heroes discover beauty where audience like me can not see any. The effect with me was in fact that I also were able to see it. Yet, what is the King in Merlin doing?

After choosing five seconds of my gathered clips I arranged them from "normal dump troll" to "passionate love for a troll". When I watched the result, nothing of my intention was noticeable, but I wanted it to be noticed and like this I again ignored the demands of an assignment and just slowed the movie down about two thirds, but I've just learned today there is nothing wrong with being creative.

This is how I did arrange the clips in premiere elements to start the editing [after realizing that having the movies assembled at 0, you have all the audio at once and you can just see the topmost clip (: ]
Clips I've used for this video are:
Hansel and Gretel Behind the Scenes
Merlin King and the Troll
Snow White & the Huntsman - Troll Attack
The Hobbit - Troll Battle
Troll Hunter - Bridge Armour Scene


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