Monday, November 18, 2013


I loved the title Song Visualization for one of the ds106 video assignments, which simply is making a music video.
Still, music video is more associated with Rock, Pop and other music associated with watching cool and crazy people. I, however intended to visualize how color is mixed from 3 primary colors and this video has turned out to be really cool.

Since I have a passion for mixing colors from just three primary colors, I was delighted when I found a Sesame Street video about this, which was spring '13 when I first tried video together with ds106. However I did not manage realizing my ideas about a music video I wanted to create from the song  in spring. I still had to learn a lot about shooting (light) and video editing. Now, more than half a year later I tried.
It was fun but not easy. The day was cloudy and I had to add light, which again made the colors too yellowish especially the blue and purple. I was able to correct this with adobe premiere elements via an effect called 3-way-color-corrector.
Look here for the effect:

By the way, you certainly know that light colors mixes differently from paint.
Finally look here for a picture of my editing screen:
You can see the clips a various. The reason is I had to interrupt the recording whenever I had to arrange the windmills or little glasses with color. You also can see that I sometimes have changed the opacity of a clip to achieve effects like crossfades. This, for example, helped creating the illusion that the colors of the little windmills are mixing.

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