Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lulu the green crane finally flys

A stop motion animation.

This is something many people already have done in one or another way, animating an origami crane. Then again this exactly may be the reason I also wanted to do it.

I once wrote a story about a woman who meets a Japanese man and this was about a crane, too. I've lost the story and now had to rewrite it to have it in a written form. However, I can tell that it was about shifting to a parallel world from watching paper cranes moved by a breath of wind to watching real cranes flying. For my stop motion animation I do not shift away, but let a paper crane fly.

The video is made out of photographs I took while folding the crane. After I've finished a step I put the work on a background and took an image of it. My camera was fitted on a tripod with the possibility to place it right over a table, like a reproduction stand.

For the flying crane I used a thread and let the crane appear in front of the now 'standing' background, where I took the images of the crane. I needed three with different positions of the wings. This was not as easy as I would have wished it, but it worked well enough.

The three images of the flying crane I combined in Photoshop to an animation and exported the frames as single images.

In Premiere Elements I loaded all my image material and put it on the timeline. I added a title and exported all as a video.

For the future I intend to learn about tweens in Photoshop, which can help me to make the motion smoother. This time I was happy to get along so well and got what I imagined for this project.

Click here for the appropriate ds106 video assignment idea.

The piece of music I found under the menu item Music of my Premiere Elements. It is called Pavane.

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