Saturday, December 7, 2013

@GIFaChrome or @mbransons and his Beastie Boys

My contribution to @GIFaChrome may be remembering what earlier participants of ds106 have done to prepare the ground for the headless course.

I've chosen a GIF which frame reminds me of the headless13 glitch Gifs.
The GIF has been created by Michael Branson Smith.
Michael also provided this frame for one of his numerous assignment ideas.

I just had to add some glitches.

 For this I used Photoshop filters and changed  the duration of some frames.


  1. This is really good Stefanie. I like how smooth you were able to make the GIF. The guys go back and forth nicely. And it's fun to have you create something for our final Headless 13 project. Be sure to watch for the GIFaChrome blog posts. I'm going to make you the GIFaChrome Historian.

  2. Hello, Rochelle. It is a nice GIF, still the most of it did Michael. I like your GIFaChrome idea and try to keep up watching it and I am sure it will be significant for ds106 history :)

  3. I can't believe you all are building a entire site around a particular style of GIF making for a final #ds106 assignment. That is simply awe inspiring. And I love the remix of the Beastie Boys in the tv.

    I can't wait to have some time soon to contribute to GIFaChrome!