Friday, September 20, 2013

Stefanie's DS106 Rap

One of this weeks assignments is creating a radio bumper for ds106, but I already did one in spring '13.
This way I rather have chosen something similar to this from the assignment bank, which is to produce your very own Rap.

I had to go to Soundation to come up with a beat. Here you can find various building blocks for creating a suitable beat. I did this very intuitively by choosing a block by name, listening to it and deciding if I may use it or not.

I do not know much about Rap, but I know there is a beat and words, which are spoken appropriate to the beat. So I tried and felt awkwardly first, but then found my way with some words. Hear yourself!

The recording of my words I managed with Audacity. While listening to the beat via my head phones I have spoken the words into the microphone. After this I listened to the combination and giving it some tries I finally was content.
I would have liked to give my voice more volume, but did not manage in my small room and sitting in front of a computer, the atmosphere was not like being able to feel free enough for a more impressive voice. Still, I like my DS106 Rap.


  1. I learnt a lot from your post. Thank you. I will look at Soundstation and I will try to record my voice over the track, so far I have been recording it separately and then it is hard to have all the sounds line up. Enjoyed the rap! #talkingheadless106

  2. Thank you Mariana. I love reading/ hearing sometimes that I were helpful. I like even more that you've enjoyed the Rap :)

  3. Hi Stefanie: This is an assignment I haven't had the courage to try, because I feel like I don't know what I would say in a rap. But I like how you made it simple, focusing on various aspects of ds106--daily creates, radio, and CREATING!! The repetition of "daily create" and "create" over and over gives me the sense of ds106 being #4life, something that you keep doing over and over. Or rather, it's the creating part that is #4life, whether it's part of ds106 or not.

    I, too, hadn't heard of Soundation before, so this was really helpful! Thanks!

  4. Thank you Christina. Listening to some Raps I also had the idea there must be a kind of story been told. Then I thought maybe any words and a beat will make a good Rap, too :)

  5. I love how you dove into unknown territory, and appreciate the sharing out. I need to get back to Soundation myself.