Friday, February 8, 2013

voice over music

ds106 Radio Bumper

A weekly create assignment of ds106:
Create a ds106 Radio Bumper  – a 10-30 second short audio.

This week with ds106 is all about audio. We were recommended to listen first and after I did so intensively I started creating audio with audacity. The bumper is one result.
After I have understood what a bumper is (somehow voice over music) I searched for some music in the internet. I found a piece called skylark. I recorded my voice in audacity and added skylark to the voice file (I had to convert it from midi to a file audacity can work with). After trying out several effects on the voice track I realised that the music piece has not the right speed and I adjusted it. I know I altered the music in a way which changes the intended effect of composer and performer, yet I thought it might be OK for a radio bumper.

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