Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling Air, Breathing Water

... so I read about the idea to take a photograph of a post it note, where you can read about my biggest dream in life.

I thought about it and after some time I decided the "Post"Secret assignment idea is about yearning.

I have so many dreams and after all can not decide which is the biggest, but in any dream I can find longing for something I have not. With my photo of my post it note I tried to catch this.

What also adds to the note is that I read earlier about Gestalt Psychology, where the principle of "closure" in a photo is explained. This means that the viewer adds information which is not in the photo but obvious. My words as well as the photo are intending to activate the viewers imagination to make sense of what they see.

I have found the page about this principle on this week guidance for the headless ds106 course.


I felt like being in a dream while preparing the photo for this page and it was a 'good bye' when I tidied up after I had taken the photo. I was not able to toss away the post it, but it now has a place on my wall.

Wings&Giles preserved on my wall.

As to the making of the picture, the most you can see yourself, but I also edited it in my new Photoshop
(which by the way works badly, because Adobe is not able to solve their problem with Microsoft's Windows 8),
by adding a lightning effect.

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