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dailycreate log September 14th 2013

It is some time ago that I put down something to my daily create log. The last entry was about numbers and ds106, who had become 600 and whose name you can write backwards in many interesting ways (600 Skull Chain/ 601sd).

Even earlier I wrote about my first humble tries into the headless dailycreates, which wasn't easy for there was no head to tell me what to do (Initial Headless Yield).

Up to today, which is the 14th of September, you could have done 18 daily creates, from which I created 10. I think this is a great achievement, although I presume there have been headless creators, who were able to create more than this 18.
Although I missed to write into my log regularly I tried to keep an overview via my computer file.

However, after the vision of a Skull Chain I produced a video about my key chain. 

It's a remix of a movie scene of "The Indian in the Cupboard" and media I've produced myself, like a photo, a very short clip showing me and a recorded audio, where I explain about my keychain doesn't say much about my life.

Here you can find the movie scene from the 'Indian in the cupboard':

I loved this daily create, because I learned to know something about many people I mainly knew from their little pictures that are necessary to identify yourself online as a person, but that do not say much or even anything about the person behind.

Then I dared using a picture I've created while I attended one of the many coursera MOOC's which are not very popular with the former heads of ds106 because of their rigidity of presentation. For showing regret to have been so disloyal I made me headless, which had the effect, that the vivid and angry shark got even more into the center of the picture.

Headless Butterfly&Shark

Then I did not dailycreate for some time, but because I liked Alan Levine's blog post from the other day, about dailycreates, where he presents his work together with work from other ds106ers, I want to present a dailycreate I liked because of the surprise I felt when reading it, especially the comment of Jenny(n).

What Jenny(0) did

Jenny(0) started writing a story about Jenny(1):
      Jenny(1) started writing a story about Jenny(2):
         Jenny(2) started writing a story about Jenny(3):
            Jenny(3) stopped writing.
         Jenny(2) stopped writing because Jenny(3) stopped writing.
      Jenny(1) stopped writing because Jenny(2) stopped writing.
Jenny(0) stopped writing because Jenny(1) stopped writing.       

September 9, 2013

Stop, stop, stop all the writing
Give me time to breath.
Stop, stop, stop all the writing
Or I’ll have to leave.

Still, nice at it is to admire all the lovely and interesting creations of fellow participants, I had to go on with my own daily creates.

It had to be a black and white photo with high contrast of a maybe uninteresting object.
I put a shallot and garlic together with their peels on a drawing of a hand.
I also edited it with Gimp, although I already tried to make my camera present a high contrast.
I sought to make it even more interesting by using the bump map filter in the filter->map  menu. I remembered to have read about it in a headless post, which is too long ago, so that it is rather difficult to find it. Thank you unremembered helpful girl.
Finally I framed the picture.

Very unsure of my creation, I thought: o.k. you can not possibly every day create outstanding images, which is anyway not the purpose of dailycreates, but what a surprise, it was liked ...

Shallot&Garlic on Drawing

as well as people liked the following book cover idea, which I can understand. It has the lightness I am always happy about when it hits me; in the outside or for my own work.

 It is a present given by ... whom?

Cover Proposal
                                         Click to go Melinda Kumi's flickr image.

The same with Guilia constantly creating doodles. This is a present I've never received (which is ok). When I try following my thoughts with the help of little drawings I am left behind completely helpless for the block in my head.

... and it looks so nice!

Daily Create
                                                                                Click to go to Guilia's flickr image. 

however, I've got to go on and I am really proud of the result of my next dailycreate, which was to design an alien postcard with  Hubble photography.

This has a lot to do with masks I created in my new Photoshop. I am hardly aware of what I did, so sorry I can not give a detailed description.
I remember painting on a mask to 'paint away' the edges of the picture, and also interesting was to give the characters a black edge, where you have to use a rippling filter on. Then you select this black parts and on a mask for the characters you blacken the selected parts, the way they are erased in the image. Yes, it is sooooo complicated, but fascinating and it helps making the characters more integrated in the picture.

Star Mail

What I further realized is that participants often try to tell that, apart from the ds106 dailycreates, they have their personal daily creates like for example this picture below which is by Alan Levine, whose daily photography I highly admire and enjoy.

Toasting Squash
                                                                                   Click to go to Alan's flickr image. 

And finally there is the case of Christina, who likes having more audio dailycreates, as I do.

How I do my daily creates
                                                                                Click to go to Christina's flickr image. 

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