Saturday, September 28, 2013

dailycreate log September 28th 2013

Two weeks since my last log. The peaceful concentration on dailycreates is past, there are many more creations to do, I managed three in 14 days, it is rewarding, still.

Much is spoken about philosophy, I did my share by telling about one of my favourite novels.

Already a week later, and by this late, I had the possibility to add to the dailycreate repository by doing a dailycreate, which I found an awesome idea.
dailycreate tdc625: Create a new ds106 Challenge by Remixing a Previous One.

I took a random dailycreate, which I got by clicking the provided link.
Live, laugh, and love… take a picture that expresses good times.
After this I thought the really opposite would be to take a photo about sadness, but rather decided a photo of emerging from sadness would be more challanging.

My post:

Finally some Drama.
September 24, 2013

Original assignment idea:
Live, laugh, and love… take a picture that expresses good times.

Newly submitted assignment idea:
Cry, die, then fly … take a picture that expresses emerging from a crisis.

Then I dared something I've always wanted to do, a time lapse video, which is pictures taken over a long time combined to a video. I chose to make bubbles and shot how they are vanishing in time and finally becoming soapy water again.
Look here for tdc626: Make a time lapse video that shows a transformation.

How different was Cris' choice. First the color which is red and the highest temperature contrasted to my blue and then observing the merry behaviour of a human being instead of an inanimate appearance like bubbles, though both are enjoyable.

Finally I was surprised by me liking one of Ary's pictures, who I still know little, but I think we have something in common when choosing motives.

Waiting for you.

I would have liked to embed at least one video of the Create an I am ds106 / We are ds106 video clip dailycreate. I was not able to make a decision, for the contributions are all very awesome. Do not miss watching them, they are good and for those who never have time, they are short.


  1. Great sharing and I loved the bubble video.

  2. I've also enjoyed being present while Mr Clay (with dog) was created :)