Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hawk View

Once I had a magnificent eyesight and I often think about this.

It was so funny when I went to the eye specialist because my eyesight was less good than it used to be. The doctor sent me away, because my eye sight was still good enough for him and did not need any correction.

This, unfortunately has changed about 4 years ago. I was no longer able to read texts properly. Worse, I did not have much money to effort any glasses. However, there was the day I went and bought me glasses and it was like a miracle to have my good eyesight back.

This is the story for the following, where you can find a circling hawk in my eye and hawks are said to have a great eyesight.
However, it also has a symbolic meaning, for I am considered to have a free and sharp mind, not all the time very popular with my fellow human beings.

Hawk View

One of my eyes. Falke

The idea for this I got from one of the ds106 visual assignments: The Eye Exchange.

As you can see I took a photo of one of my eyes. Then I looked up an image of a hawk in the internet. I selected an ellipse and inverted the selection. After this I cut the selected part out and while keeping the selection and using edit->stroke I draw a circle around.

Now I had the round shape I needed to replace the pupil of the eye. I experimented with the blending modes until I liked the result.

I also blended in a negative of the photo, but made it very transparent. I did this, because I wanted it looking less earthly to emphasize that it is more about the mind than the physical reality. For the same reason I added a lens flare and deliberately overdid it, like when you look into light.

I can not decide which image I like more, the one of the real eye or the one with the changes, but I know they tell different stories, which I like.

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