Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ghost Hands try catching time.

Did you ever asked yourself how ghosts can appear in pictures? I can tell you now.

In Is that a… GHOST?! you can read that you either need to use a long exposure or combine two photos in a photo editing software. I did not need any of this but my camera presents an option where I can use multiple exposure.

First I freed my metronome from its lock and while it tick-tocked I took a photo. I left it like this but put my hand to the left of the metronome, shot, put my hand to the right, shot, and the camera made one photograph out of it.

Ghost Hands & Metronome

For me this performs trying to influence time, not very successful at all. Time goes on and on and on ...

For this photo I feel very influenced by a video I found with the week 5 headless course instructions, where Jason Eskenazi describes how he makes good photos. He talks about rhythm in pictures and as an example he shows a photo with different men doing some exercise. I felt reminded on photos that are combined from different shots of the same person, but this is what makes the great photographer. He doesn't need this 'trick', he waits until the right shot is to make.

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