Saturday, August 31, 2013

600 Skull Chain


<Celebrate the 600th Daily Create! Express 600 in a drawing without using numbers. (dailycreate tdc600)>
When I had the idea of drawing 600 circles I thought this might be tedious. I rather decided to use my blender 3D and tell it to just arrange beads along a curve.

The image I've used for the bead texture I've found here:
This again leads to the cogdog page:

600 Skull Chain
After an inspirational comment by @troutcolor on flickr (John Johnston) I've animated the chain.

For a further dailycreate, I again used the skull picture to make an animated gif:
<This is TDC 601! That is 106 backwards! Draw something 106ish backwards. (dailycreate tdc601)>

I took the skull picture and loaded it into gimp. I duplicated the picture and with the clone tool "erased" the ds106 letters. I put a mask on the duplicated picture the way that the letters appear when I draw on the mask. I recorded me drawing/writing ds106 with a software called bandicam then I created single images the way it is done for a gif  (ds106 handbook -> gif with open source).
I loaded the single images into gimp and flipped the image horizontally (image -> transform -> flip horizontally). Finally I saved all as a gif.

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