Friday, August 30, 2013

Initial Headless Yield

There once was a tiny enchanting world, but then a sorcerer came and put it into a tin. Why? Actually he was badly in love with the beauty of its inhabitants and landscape and gripped by jealousy while imagining any other sorcerer could look at it. Later, unfortunately, he forgot his love more and more and one day the tin dropped out of his cloak and he did not care and left it where it has fallen.

Some days ago I've found this world in a tin just when it was time to do my first headless dailycreate, somehow dented, but beautiful as it former was. I am now looking for possibilities of getting the world out of that tin. I may have to become a sorcerer myself.

Little World in a Dented Tin
I've started this intention by just trying to show the world's sea, but then I was utterly surprised by its self-will, while infiltrating my meditative clip with music and visual pieces.

Next day I asked the world to help me drawing a cute insect, but it rather wanted to draw something exciting like a bad spider. I tried to ignore the world's wishes, but the result was a big nothing, until I seized the last escape, Rochelle's certificate.


Strangely enough the next possibility of freeing the tiny tin world was easy, why ever. It may be that it is a great inspiration to create something for a person who has her birthday.

Happy birthday, Guilia!

Finally I want to thank anyone who has enriched my week with their posts, creations, advice and nice comments, especially when it turned out to be a deeper communication.


  1. Hi Stefanie. I'd like to subscribe to your blog, but when I click on the subscribe link below it brings up an error page with a bunch of code on it. Is there another way to subscribe?

  2. I don't know, actually. When I click on it they asked if I want to subscribe to the feet. Still, it looks complicated. I have to better inform me about this. I'll tell you if I've found out more.

    Thank you for telling me!