Monday, March 11, 2013

Lion Cage

Here I got some live into a piece of the silent  movie "The Circus" with Charly Chaplin. First I thought it will be impossible to add any foley sound here, because you have to know in advance were to add sound of steps or noises of the clothes, but after I've watched the clip over and over I knew where to produce the sound. I really was impressed by the result after I've added the sound to the clip.

I thought about producing the sound in one take, yet in some descriptions of how to make foley, I felt advised to record one take for any sound: moves, feets, specifics. It would also have been difficult to produce the steps of Charly and the steps of the Pony (or is it a Donkey?) together, so I recorded them separately, too.
Unfortunately I don't have a video editing software in which you can save just the sound without the video. This way I had to combine the tracks in the sound editing software audacity.  I started the video by saying "start" and recorded the corresponding foley. The word start became the start point of any track, so that I could combine all to one track. I exported the audio as mp4.  For a test I combined the foley and the clip in the video editing software "Movie Maker", which worked well.
So how I've produced the sound? I did not make it very complicated. I put on a jacket which made a good fabric sound and I used my feet for the steps. I actually dared something for the steps, which was scattering some sand to my floor. This is a strange thing for anyone who tries to keep their floor clean. Afterwards I found my worries of making some dirt a kind of irrational.
For the hoofed animal I used some beakers and for the noise of a falling bolt I used a ruler from metal on a piece of pipe. I tried to add the small clap of the door, too, but this has somehow declined.
I imagined the lion making sleeping noises and produced these imagined sounds with my noise. That it was.
I've thought a lot of foley artists. If I would be one it were difficult for me to take my work serious. I would like taking me serious, yet it may be difficult. At least I may not be observed while working (:

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