Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Media Metamorphoses

Click the audio for the story.


For this assignment "Storytelling with Recycled Media" you were obliged to take media from a page on, where ds106 students earlyer have uploaded media, for which they themselves have no use. Unfortunately there's a lack of videos and I've missed the videos I've upoaded. I presume somthing went wrong during the uploading process.

Still, the media are interesting and because I wanted something move I chose pictures to make animated gifs from them. I used a filter in Gimp to blend two images over a background. You can find it in the menu Filters -> Animation -> Blend. Here you can choose how many steps you need for the blending. After the filter has applied you can playback the animation (menu Filters -> Animation -> Playback.) I saved the file as an animatied gif.

I also chose 3 sounds and mixed them to one file which tells the story requested for the assignment.

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