Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going on Vacation

Where to send Alan Levin on vacation? A difficult question when you hardly know someone. From his photos I know he already has been to many places anyway. Maybe I should send him to a kind of inner journey, I imagined.
Sometimes when I were on vacation I just thought how nice it would be if I could do all the things I wanted to do for so long a time. This way I tried to understand which this could be for Alan and I hope I am not completely wrong. Anyway, right or not it is a nice video.

The idea is to mash up a video by Alan Levine with pictures, google maps, soundcloud songs or twitter searches. Alan provides spaces within the video where you can add the appropriate media. This should be done with an online editor for mashing up called Mozilla Popcorn Maker. I tried, but it did not work for me at all. First I struggled to start it from the "Weekly-Stuff-To-Do-Side", but did not succeed. Then I copied the Youtube video to the Popcorn editor and added the media, but when I tried to add a soundcloud song the editor stopped working. I also tried the preview and had to realize that the media did not appear at the right place. I skipped the idea of editing with Popcorn and proceeded with my video editor.

First I did not know at all what to add, but then I saw a picture from a child sitting in a bin which seemed to fit nicely to the video. I then went on with the idea of presenting things which are related to all what we can not afford thinking of when we are adults with a strict schedule. This way I added
a picture of a website about "The Thief Lord", which is a childrens story about children lost in venice and adults who wants to be children again and a twitter search result about "The Thief Lord" and Venice. You can hardly realize both, because I tried to fit it onto the screen in the video.
You further can see a video of a growing tulip and another of a mouse sleeping side by side with a kitten, which I both trimmed to get the appropriate clip. I also added a song about someone who thinks about how it is to be an adult instead of a child. And last but not least the destiny of the journey has become a vidoe about a talented guitar playing little boy.

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