Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seuss' Twilight Gothic

A remix from a remix.

When I tried the remix machine on ds106 I got the combination of Adapt an artist’s work [remixed]: Dr Suess It. As recommended I looked for examples of the original assignment in order to  Dr. Seuss this and found one that has already been remixed. It is an image of the famous Wood painting "American Gothic" remixed with the portraits of the Twilight's leading actors (link to this example).
This is what I've created based on two earlyer works.


First I searched for Dr. Seuss, because I did not know about this stories. I again got a bit more involved into American Culture, which I liked. I found several images and downloaded some of them:
I separated parts of the images and copied them into the Twilight Gothic image. Finally I experimented with the filters of my photo editing software to make the bright colors of the Dr. Seuss pictures more congruent with the original image.

I like the result although I can not say why. I know about the male twilight actor that he is meant to be a vampire, who doesn't like hurting the girl he loves. Mabe this is the reason why the rake shows away from her. I also think I tried to liberate both the older images and make them free from historical and cultural burdens, make them modern to create their own future life, like young people should do.

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