Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just A Mum

When I saw  something about a Youtube Duet I asked myself what the last song is I can remember I listened to, because for more then 15 years I haven't listen much to popular music but rather classical music.

Finally I did remember that there was a young woman who sang about her mother, so I typed in mother and got this link:, which leads you to a video of the performance of “Mother” byRoger Waters & Sinead O'Connor. I knew it is not the song I've looked for, yet it is the singer who sang the song and I recalled the lyric includes a garden and flowers; the right words to find the right song “Nothing compares2U” by Sinead, 1989. For this I chose a video on youtube that combines a slideshow of landscape images with the song. I did a mashup of the two videos by making one partly transparent and emphasized sometimes one of the songs by pushing up the volume. This comes out very nicely.

"Mother" feels harsh, for it describes the mother of a boy or man as making him dependent on her by inducing fear to live his life. I thought this rather interesting to me because the song I remembered was a song about someone who has loved their Mum* but she has died recently. That Sinead sings both songs I find compelling.
In the end I could not understand that in both songs nothing is mentioned about that mothers are only people and for my post chose the title "Just A Mum".

*maybe it is about her boyfriend, who has left her; I find the song rather ambiguous, especially the melancholy style which implies rather singing about a lost mother than a lost boyfriend

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