Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blue White Red Insight

A mashup from the trailers of the trilogy "The three colors Blue White Red".

This trilogy is meant to be about love and loss, which I can agree with. Still, it is also a lot about watching people's privacy and coming nearer to some, maybe unpleasant, truth. This I tried to catch in my trailer version.

I took several clips from the three trailers and combined them like I thought they will convey my interpretation of the three films. I further worked on the colors of the clips, which was a bit annoying for you can not choose multiple clips in premiere elements to edit them together, but finally I reached what I've imagined earlier.

For the sound I worked on the volume of the clips and mixed the different soundtracks from the different trailers, so that here and there the audio sounds discordant. This way I tried to emphasize that it is about the unpleasant experience to find out an inconvenient truth.

I did not feel very sure of how to create a mashup, when I started the editing, but I now have an idea of what it means to do a mashup of different video content and maybe my next mashup will be already very artistic and skilful. Yet, I like the result, which gives me the feeling of having brought a piece of my inner world into the outside, while the original trailers didn't show anything of this. How does this work?

The trailers you can find via the below links:



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