Monday, April 22, 2013

C.Doctorow - Mysterious and Colorful

This is meant to be a remix of one of Jonathan Worth's photographs of Cory Doctorow. I learned from Jonathan's project where he invites people to remix his images from Cory, because I attend the open online community ds106, where theidea is listed in the assignment bank.

I also read about this on Alan Levine's blog post on the project. This post was also my first inspiration, concerning the idea of Cory Doctorow as a wise man. I just thought a wise man living in our world must be more modern and because I see popular literature as colorful and lifely all became a mysterious and colorful sculpture; mysterious, because what I've read from Cory's  novels I found mysterious.


I've photographed the sculpture and now my work has become a funny postcard.

Here you can see the original image by Jonathan Worth.


How this is made? Look at my desk:

So sorry, but the picture of my desk got lost 

On the screen you can see the photograph of Cory Doctorow and on my desk Play-Doh, felt-pens, paper and scissors. I took little pieces of the Play-Doh and build the sculpture with this pieces. I also drew some glasses and two hands and cut them out and pressed this paper cuts into the Play-Doh at the right spot.
Creating like this I remember my professor in art university Andrea Tippel. She always said "Die Mühe lassen wir jetzt mal weg" which means in English something like "Just leave behind having trouble while making art.". She wanted to say that there can not be any art where you trouble yourself too much.

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  1. Fantastic, we are hoping that more people construct tangible pieces of art!