Sunday, March 31, 2013


For this week pre-production assignment I've chosen the video assignments

Play by Play, where you comment a real life event (also playing a video game) and

Return to the Silent Era, which means to display parts of a modern movie as if it is an old silent movie.

For both the assignments it is almost all pre-production.
For the "Play by Play" assignment I needed to know how to record the course of the game. I browsed the internet and found a tool called "bandicam" and I did a first recording of the game course of the Spiderwick action game.
Further more I thought about, which comment I want to give and decided it will be a comparison between book, movie and game. I gathered some materials, like pictures of book illustrations.
As asked I watched some of the examples of "Play by Play" completed by previous students. The examples concerning commenting a video game, I did not like much, because I am not familiar with this kind of shooting games. This is the reason I browsed Youtube for examples and I've found a trailer which announces the Spiderwick game. Here I realized immediately, that in the trailer they just compare movie and game, but in the game there are elements which just exist in the book. They did not mention this, for commercial reasons I think.
Actually I bought the Spiderwick game to be able to compare book, movie and game and I like the idea to now have  the opportunity to sum up what I've found out, at least partly.
In the following picture I display my this week pre-production work of the 'Play by Play' assignment in the shape of a screenshot of files. I could have done even more postproduction like thinking about the comment and recording it, but time did not allow me to do so.

The silent movie assignment also needed some information of how to change a clip into a silent movie. I've found some decent explanations and jotted down the points I'm going to use for my version. The same way I had to decide on a movie and I chose "Punch-Drunk, Love" for I have already been interested in making a video around this movie. I thought about which parts of the movie I may use for my idea and I've already separated the most important scene for my work from the movie. I know exactly which other scenes I will use and how to combine them.
The same like with the first assignment I did a screenshot of my folders which illustrates nicely what I've managed this week for the silent era assignment. Here I could not have done more pre-production but next I have to go into editing.

This week I've learned to achieve some awareness of pre-production steps. Although I have always done pre-production I've never thought consciously of this step but rather got unplanned into video production. I will see next week if this will be an advantage during the video editing. I dare say, yes it is.

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