Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Forbidden Social Event

Julie, a government employee and in charge of reducing creative impulses among the citizens, finally becomes uncertain if the attitude that she represents is really valuable for mankind. She starts exploring the world her government despite so much. For this she managed to be a guest on a party which takes place in an hidden underground world.

The people here are wearing strange clothes more like a disguise and are enjoying wild music and dance. Julie is not sure what she should think about this world.

I did the gif according to the assignment "Juxtaposition", where you take a piece of artwork and try to make a video or animated gif corresponding to this. I looked up a photograph in the Internet and later found a video which shows crazy looking people with hats and masks and stars or rather crosses. I also found the colors are similar. From the video I created a gif by looking for appropriate frames. I did this the way it is described in the ds106 handbook.

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