Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anti-Creativity Campaign

Julie, the heroine of my final project is a "valuable" citizen of Thasus, a big and powerful city. Thasus' government has high-flown intentions concerning the growth of their powerful appearance, but recently has to fight with the fact that people refuse to work in professions like information technology or unskilled work. They rather want to live a small life with a lot of time for their own creations, like painting or movie making. For this reason they started a anti-creativity campaign. The following poster has been created just for this campaign.

Creativity Message

I think a campaign like this must have a core of truth, but as it is all the time a lot of points are not displayed in the poster. The government picks out of all the truth that leading a creative life is not really easy. It can be unsettled and troublesome and often leads into the depth of people's soul, where it could be sadder than expected.
Actually I don't believe in creativity as something bad. I just created the poster to make a point in my story. For this I just left out the many blessed issues of creativity.

This poster is completely created in Gimp. I've downloaded some pictures from the Internet and arranged them on the canvas. After this I played around with Gimp's blending modes. When I was fine with the result I added some text. The text can be edited as a picture (rotating, scaling) by right mouse clicking the text layer in the layer palette and choosing Discard Text Information.

You can find the ds106 assignment idea here.

Pictures I've used from the Internet:

Sad woman:

Sad child:

Sad man:


Splatter background:

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