Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mashing up the Remix

I really needed the two weeks to find out about mashup and remix. I actually started the ds106 assignments before I've understood the concepts of mashup and remix. What I can tell you from heart you can hear in the following audio. I rather had talked about this to a friend, but they are all very occupied with themselves and they did not like the idea to listen to another fancy talk of mine, but there must have been someone like butterflies and fairies, who I tried very hard to ignore. Unfortunately my microphone was not able to leave out what her sensors told her. And yes, I took some notes, which makes all a bit as if I'm reading out alound. It is because my language is not as fluent as it should be.

To say more about the topic, my first impression was it is all about copyrights. The Remix Manifest for example is a mashup/ remix and the same way about copyrights. The ds106 show provided for the regular students also mainly talked about copyrights. I was a bit bored about this which is my normal reaction when learning about law which anyway just tries to restrict you mostly in advantage of people who are advantaged enough (leaving out protection from violence, naturally). Even the mashups and remixes are are often about copyrights. I personally did not like much of the examples I looked at (Scary Mary). Especially the mashups seem very broken and inconsistent, which spoils my desire for some harmony while consuming media. This way I am not really satisfied with my own mashup creations. The one thing I can admit is, that you can communicate themes like injustice, madness or extreme mental tension better with the mashup and remix concept. It is a bit like twelve-tone music, which has its own harmony within, you can only understand when educated in it. Still twelve-tone often is used to create a tensed ambiance or to musically explain that bad things happen.

Which I really like is that you can make something your own or build your own world by doin mashups and remixing. We have to take what the world provides to us and it feels always good not just let issues effecting us, but rather taking part in creating our environment. This way I liked the idea of mashing up (remixing) the male Twilight hero Edward with a completely other type of woman than Bella the Twilight heroine is.

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