Friday, April 19, 2013

Never Free To Go

Final Project - story and assignment list.

Never Free To Go
Julie, age about 30, lives in an underground world of a big city named Thasis. Julie is a bright and beautiful women, maybe blonde and with blue eyes or black with light brown eyes. She is tall as well as strong and this way seems nearly perfect, yet there's one thing, her sight is very bad and she always needs help from glasses or lenses.

Julie once refused to do what she was forced to do, which is giving up her own ideas and being a tool for the once in power in her time (maybe past, maybe future, maybe present).

As a child she has already been chosen to be one of the future key personalities of the country and has been sent to a special school to be trained in economy, politics and combat together with similar intellectual and/ or creative blessed young people.

After she has finished her education, Julie worked for the government of her country, named Numbaro, where she finally has become head of the department for special matters in the country. When she was in charge with reducing creativity of the common person to make them more controllable, Julie has to struggle with ideas like doing things from your heart but not from being told. She had opportunity to observe what people not very like her are doing with their lives. One painted all day, earning nothing, another fought for the rights of other people and put himself in serious danger for this.
When she realized that she started to admire this she tried to contact some of these people, just to talk to them. When her superiors watched her while attending a party she rather had to prohibit, they send the police to arrest her for support of illegal gatherings. Yet she already has gotten the trust of her new acquaintance, who hide her in their secret underground world, of which she has become an imposrtant part soon.

She now has a leading position in this world and her newest task is to organize the rescue of some young people from prison, where they have been locked for dancing. She succeeds, but one of her feet gets terribly hurt. The beautiful young women unfortunately from now is crippled or at least has to wait a long time until she will be able to move without any help of other people or devices, like crutches or rather a wheelchair.

I may start with creating a visual message which is shocking. This message may show that Julie's government thinks creativity is dangerous by destabilizing the existing order.
Design to shock:

I then will display a gif, which shows someone is spying on Julie, together with a gif of a party of (maybe strange) people.
GIF Me Again About My Eyes:
 I may reinvent this assignment by using an art photograph instead of a painting.

For the next step I have to reinvent an assignment to change it in making some police announcements arround the order of arresting Julie. The last announcement will be, that she has not been arrested but vanished.
911, What’s Your Emergency?:

The next creation will be a rotoscoped dance of some young people.
This is an assignment I will upload to the assignment bank, plus tutorial.

After this the young people will be rescued, for which I again chose an audio assignment, where I use part of audio and visual of  a movie to create my rescue story.

The last work will be a kind of story board from animated gifs, where Julie is shown in some situation in her underground life and in her earlyer "normal" life, which is a kind of summary of Julies life.
Multi-Frame GIF Story:

This is much and I may be forced to skip some of the intended assignments.

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