Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Private Eye Nomi

(PART 1)

Call me Nomi, good?! I got a strange ring about half a year ago, you know? It was about my friend’s paintings. Call her my friend! We met at school in the evening for many years, but never get to know that well. She did not like my sniper hobby, I guess, but than that ring


As I said the ring was about some paintings. (I even did not know my friend has painted.) However, the caller asserts to be my friend. She told me she has been abducted by guy named Che. He wants to have some paintings destroyed

Movie Portraits
If this might not happen soon he will kill my friend or rather might assure she will never leave the prison she now is captivated it.
Why? No idea, it was! How? Easy I thought. Just taking them out from the storage, cut them out of the frames, chop the frames, dump them at the recycling yard. I will have expenses, yes, but …      Did I tell you one of my other hobbies is being a private eye? Not very successful, yet, but I think helping my friend might accelerate the success.

However! So much went wrong! (I will tell you later if you like?) I haven’t destroyed thepaintings by now. 
but I have found out about Che. Che is in love with my friend. She went overseas once to visit him and he fell in love, but my friend left him because she had to organize an exhibition of her paintings. You might think this can’t be a problem! You can meet again! In fact, my friend did not want leaving her paintings behind and Che did not want having the paintings around. That was it. He thinks himself being helpful now. I should mention my friend did not tell the truth when she told me Che has abducted her. I wasn’t able to find out who did, she won’t tell me more, I am sure, why ever, but she seems to live in akind of nightmare, unless the paintings are destroyed. See you for the time being.

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