Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Observer

It isn’t a lie what I am telling you now. Believe it or not I do not tell the untruth. It was about winter 2006 when I got unemployed. I knew I just must do something to get out of my mind that I am one of THEM. It was also about the time the government decided to ament the payout date of unemployment assistance from end of the month to the beginning of the month. Have it that meant double payment for one month. I thought I am going crazy when I took a catalogue for painting materials and ordered 12 big canvases, some huge bottles of different oils and thinner, the biggest bags of pigment I could find, although the lady on the phone recommended smaller bags. I was so excited when the materials were delivered soon. I loved the Harry Potter movies at that time and I was determined to make 12 paintings about them. One of them was a portrait painting from Snape. You know, the strange, bat like professor of potions and dark magic. When I started painting the portrait all seemed to be fine, except that I found it extremely sexy to watch this withdrawn looking guy. I enjoyed observing him, while he resembled a person banned by looking at something … someone? Watch yourself !


Is the ‘someome’ me? I immediately rejected this freaky … scary? Idea. IF I HAD NOT! Still full of life I went ahead painting, sometimes dropping away while sitting on my chair overserving my progression, until a day… it was a weird feeling, because I looked at the chair I have just fallen asleep on, me gone, but only a painting of an eye … my eye, I understand.

  I am still watching you ;)

 I have never left the place I now have to live in, which I am certain is Snape’s eye.



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