Sunday, October 20, 2013

German Ideal World Round

Have you ever sung a canon with yourself?

This is possible with a record of you singing the canon once. Afterwards you have to listen to yourself and to start the next recording when the next voice comes in.
It is possible to cheat by recording the canon only once and copying it, but this is no fun and you may have difficulties to synchronise the parts.

For my recording I've chosen a canon which looks easy but is tricky, still, it has the nice effect to really achieve a multi-layered sound of voices.
The piece is in German, but below the notes I present a translation.


It takes little to be happy
And whoever is happy is a king.
While recording headphones should be used. Otherwise the sound which comes from the speakers is also recorded. This usually interferes with the quality of the recording.

A possible course is:
- plug in microphone and headphones
- start software
- start the recording of the canon according to your software's ways
- go back to the start of your recording
- add/ go to new track (if necessary; in Audacity a new track is automatically added)
  and hit record
- start singing when the next part comes in
You can repeat this.

When I was a child and during my time at university I always was part of a choir and the above round is often sung in German choirs. For me this is a world far in the past. I still love listening to a polyphony if voices but can hardly imagine being in a choir with all the pink ideal world people around me. Still, the music they are producing is nice.

This post is inspired by the ds106 assignment idea Row Row Polyphony.

here you can find the sources of the notes and the translation:


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