Friday, May 3, 2013


After Julie has decided to join a group of people, who oppose the government of Thasis,  there are tasks for her. A group of dancers are accused to have despised the warnings of the authorities to stop their futile doing as dancers but rather offer their services to the good of Thasis, which was working in a weapon factory.
They have locked up the dancers as if they are dangerous criminals. Julie is part of the group which is assigned for rescuing the dancers from a well watched prison. Part of the action has been recorded and you can listen to it here.

I did not choose an entire film like proposed in the assignment "Context", but just a trailer of the movie "LockOut"  and a short clip of the film. I imagined a rescue a chaotic event and this way you may not be able to find a certain plot in the audio but rather an atmosphere, which is intended.
I opened the two video clips in my movie editor and took the parts I needed. The result I saved as an mp3 file and uploaded this to Soundcloud to  be able to embed it here.

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