Monday, April 1, 2013

Video Run-Up

I've started out learning about video production 4 years ago, when I did a two month course on it. The course was specialized on making video for the internet and included working with a video camera, lighting, learn to speak clearly, green screen, presenting videos in the internet and marketing and law, in case we want to build our own startup. I did not mention the video editing, but I learned also about video editing. We used Final Cut and I wish I could work with it for the next two weeks, but I can not.

Since the above course I've used Video Pad to edit any video, which was OK, because my video projects have just been small projects, mostly combine images to an animation. Yet, I recently changed my operation system to Windows 8 and Video Pad is just available for free when you use earlier windows versions. I tried Windows Movie Maker, but it is a catastrophe, mainly because it crashes all the time. This way I had to decide weather to purchase Video Pad or a different editing software and I decided on Premiere Elements, which has better audio options. Its not Final Cut, but it will do and it hasn't crashed once yet.

However, this week was anyway not about editing except from a little piece, you easily could manage with Mpeg Streamclip, at least nearly because this software does not adjust different formats you may have to combine automatically. I actually fixed this in Premiere Elements.
The just mentioned clip was the sum of some analysis of parts of the first Matrix movie. You can find two posts on this at my blog.
First a post about a scene which has been watched in a special way: first without audio, being attentive to the visual part, especially the camera angles, second just listen to the audio and how this matches the visual part, and third watching the clip the normal way, becoming aware how both parts work together or if something was overlooked.
The second post went further with the analysis of "The Matrix". I've found out interesting facts about the making of the film and illustrated this with two more movie scenes. Then I combined the most important discoveries in an extra clip.

I did not like much the assignment where Youtube genres were the topic. Actually I don't fancy Youtube much but rather vimeo. I just use it to be more conform to the ds106 possibilities. I like to keep for my vimeo account at least a touch of professionalism. On my new Youtube account are vidoes I enjoy because I can see a great deal of personal achievement I have made since I've done some ds106 video assignments, but I feel very uncomfortable with the fact that anyone can watch them, in particular the ones where I myself am displayed. It is more getting used to self representation, but it is far away from being ready for an audience of strangers.
However, I tried to make this interesting to me by observing that Youtube clips, different from the movie industry, are often about reality, not fiction. I in particular were interested in the various videos about animals doing remarkable things and the possibility that the clip is all fake.

The most challenging task this week was to do some planning and post production for two video assignments anyone could choose freely. I am used to just start with what is in my mind and I have to admit this could end up in some chaos and unnecessary delay. This week I tried to sort my thoughts and ideas in advance to produce some good video the next week. Find here which pre-production I did to create a silent film clip and a clip about a video game.

During this week 10 there have been some interesting dailycreates, from which I've chosen two. This way I've produced my first little shadow play, which I always wanted to do, but did not dare. DS106 is a place I feel I can try out things as all participants do and I just made some shadow puppets without reading a book about this at first, which I previous felt I should do. It was rather interesting to figure out how to record shadows on the wall or if anyway rather record the back of a screen, but I realized that the shadows get larger when further away from the screen, which did not fit to the impression I intended to achieve.

Watch yourself the result which displays a dance.

I also made a drawing of a nice present I once received, which was a chamber orchestra in a yard, when I had my first art exhibition, which by the way was one of three or so, because I don't like exhibiting my artwork.

This week has been challenging in its own way. For me it is always easier to create something visually or audio. Writing is different. Not really the language which one might expect with English as a second language, but more to put ideas together and try to make it interesting just with words.
Yet, I felt as if I have grown a great deal to be more serious in my approach of communicating ideas. It might be important to speak out and display issues of interest and to inform friends and people in general about what I've found out. I have never had this feeling with my visual work.

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