Thursday, March 28, 2013

Identity Matrices

In my last post Path Differences I analysed a scene of  the movie 'The Matrix'. I now understand this is known as the 'helicopter scene'. At least typing in 'helicopter scene' provides you with a lot of information about this scene.
However, in this post I will provide you with more information about 'The Matrix', which will be three intriguing facts of the making of the movie.

 Maybe already well known but none the less still interesting is a slow motion technique called bullet-time photography. This technique is used to display a certain motion in different speeds. A bullet may move fast at first and then slow down, or someone jumps high in the air fast, slows down and finally the motion of the actor has nearly stopped. He now may accelerate again. The following clip will illustrate this very well:

In this scene the actors also show off their skills in the martial arts, which they acquire during a four month training given by martial art professionals. (imdb reference)

My last bit of the making of the movie is about the so called "green rain". When I saw the movie about ten years ago I immediately was concerned about the falling green letters which appear when the movie starts and sometimes later in the movie. According to, where they are called glyphs, the letters "consists of reversed letters, numbers, and Japanese katakana characters".

Having read the above and knowing the movie, anybody certainly will be able to assign the genre of the movie to the action partition. Yet, also mentions adventure and scifi and I've read some can see thriller elements in "The Matrix".

The following clip which I've created from the scenes shown above, display what I've found out in particular: the green rain, the way of cutting in the helicopter scene (see Path Differences), and the applying of the bullet-time photography in "The Matrix":

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