Monday, April 29, 2013


The following series of animated gifs is part of my final project, where I am telling a story about a woman who was an integrated part of her country's society but then becomes part of a world which opposes her government.
The gifs show both, the character and the plot of the story in a general way.

Julie's Career

Julie Underground

When I started searching for material for the gifs I knew Julie should be a strong and skilled woman but not without physical weaknesses like bad eyesight. however, I did not find any videos which combines the image of a heroine and she depending on glasses. I just imagine her now wearing lenses but it is not the same as the visually obvious dependence on a seeing aid.
I was more lucky with the idea that Julie hurts her foot and needs a device for help here. As you can see the last gif nicely combines Julies heroic character with a walking aid.

This work is after the assignment Multi-Frame GIF Story and I did it the way ds106 explains it at the Creating Animated GIFs with (free) Open Source Software page. On my page I arranged it in a table. At blogger you can do this while using the HTML editor and adding the code for a table. After this you can stay in the HTML editor and you can use the option Add Image, which you can find at the menu bar.

I used the following Youtube videos for the above animated gifs.

Julie in School:
Scene from the Pickwick movie

Julie in politics and business:
Interview with Ivanka Trump

Julie and combat:
Report by Global National

Julie underground:
A "Tatort" movie (german crime mysterie series)

Julie after she got hurt:
A commercial by Samsung (disabled people and sports)

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