Thursday, March 7, 2013

Origami Planet

To have some rest and relax during spring break I folded a more extensive origami piece and by doing that had the idea of making this the basis of a poster for my radio earth show.

For the origami I was guided by GĂ©rard Ty Sovann, who altered the traditional origami to be able to build a bigger piece from some basic forms.
After finishing the origami with a piece of fabric I build myself a "magenta screen" to have a contrast to the green origami. I took a photograph and then keyed this by using selection tools of a photo editing software.
I built the background from a patterned origami paper. I took a photograph of the paper and created a pattern in Gimp (you can also do this in Photoshop). In Gimp you have to select what will be the basis for the pattern and then in the Edit Menu choose Paste As -> New Pattern. With this pattern I created a background by using the Bucket Fill Tool. Here you have to use the option Pattern Fill and to choose your pattern in the palette.
I've never thought of creating a poster. The reason I do now is that with ds106 there is a lot of talking and creating around posters and I got interested in this new challenge. I also came across the idea when reading what is demanded for the radio show project of ds106, yet the first time I decided to create the poster was when I built the origami, or was it I built the origami because my unconsciousness already knew I will create a poster? Who knows?

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