Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After War Spring Poetry

This post is meant to be both, the first scene of my radio show and a weekly audio assignment. The assignment demands reciting a poem, recording it and make it a part of a story. I have chosen a German poem by Eichendorf, which I have translated. Any admirer of poetry may forgive me any roughness in the translation.
For my audio piece I recorded both versions, the German and the English. I also added a lovely piece of sound where you can hear spring noise and a short piano recording. In the end I was in love with this creation. Here it is:

For my radio show the above audio displays the first scene. A little girl plays around and sings in a garden, when something is going to happen. First the story of how she gets to the garden will start and second her foster mum is approaching with news, which will be revealed at the end of the story. The growing spring and piano sound are meant to hint to the following action.

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