Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Kids

A week 5 weeklycreate

I often go to the parks of my city and take photographs. Strangely enough while the streets are crowded the park is nearly empty. For one of the visual creates of ds106 I used three photos taken at a winter day. The suggestion in the assignment is to use one photograph and to shop it up in comic book style. I slightly changed this. I used three photos and combined them to on. Then I made slices and put these together without any clear edge. For the slices in Photoshop you can use the slice tool, for gimp look this up:

When I chose the assignment I thought this may be easy to fulfil, yet it was not. The difficult part was to find parts and to combine them in a convincing way. I needed at least 2 hours for this.
The result I associate with kids in winter, who still can enjoy snow, while I am often angry about it. However I envy these children somehow. If I would start running around and enjoying the snow in the park people may thing I have gone mad, unfortunately.

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