Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rose Color

When I read about this assignment and looked at the postcards provided I thought creating one of these might turn out as a joke. I wont sent any of the people I love a postcard like this. Yet, I found one somehow neutral and tried to be as unspecific as possible, which is not easy when communicating love. In the end I was fine with it and I realised I like the rose color.

For the heart on the card I used stamp tool, color picker, text tool and rectangle tool, which you can find in almost any photo editing software. The heart on the card I realised while stamping part of the pullover to the white space. For the text I picked up the rose color of the pullover and set the text color to it. I used the rectangle tool and put a rectangle behind the text. I also made it partly transparent while setting the transparency of the layer. The color of the rectangle again I chose from the colors of the image.

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