Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Invitation to Radio Earth

Below you can listen to a piece of audio, which is meant to be a commercial for attracting listeners to tune in to the next Radio Earth show.

This one was interesting. Especially when I recorded my voice and spoke loud and clearly, but it doesn't fit together with the noise of the helicopter. I had to analyse what sounds wrong and the result was, if a helicopter is near to a person this person may shout rather than spoke in a normal voice. Therefore I shouted and my neighbors might have been scared.

For the piece I mixed my voice with some powerful sounds to evoke an atmosphere of powers at work. Like this the listener may become excited of tuning in to the powerful story announced.
The links to the sounds are:
In Audacity I arranged the sounds and the voice by starting with a thunder and the approaching helicopter. When the helicopter is nearest the voice appears to advertise the next show. Then the voice gets lost in thunder and storm noise. I like this. I just asked myself several times if there is any guidance how to produce a commercial or if it is OK to just go for what my intuition tells me is right here.

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