Tuesday, February 26, 2013

About Earth' People

For a part of a imagined radio show I intend to produce a little story. The radio show is to be announced via a radio bumper which you can listen to below:

I started with recording my voice saying "This is Radio Earth on DS106. Come and listen to stories of people from all over the world." (Anybody, who finds fault in my language, I am not a native speaker in English.)
After this I opened the file in Audacity. I added some echo. In the internet I found a funny Ukulele piece which I combined with the voice. I also did several improvement and had the idea to arrange single words of the voice according to the music, which sounds a bit split, yet it also emphasizes and sounds more interesting.

For a comparison I listened to earlier audio pieces and found I have improved at least in recording my voice, which has become clearer and more confident.

I like producing audio, but I find my concentration is utterly demanded. When there is noise around me I even get angry. Working with visual media means you can 'close your ears', even listen to some good music during work. This is not possible while creating audio pieces. I wish I had a quiet place in the country.

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