Sunday, February 17, 2013


This about my daily creates in week 5 of the ds106 course. I chose to record five sounds from daily activities, to post a photo from a person that is not me and to tear up something and make a phot of this.

Take a photo of someone other than you using your favorite type of technology:

This photograph displays the new born child of one of my best friends. I love taking photographs of people which are out of focus. This on the one hand gives the displayed person some privacy on the other hand it makes an atmosphere of familiarity. I am really annoyed about people who debase this kind of photography as wrong. They just keep away from themselves the possibility to express what they think is right.
Take a picture of something, cut it up and piece it back together in a different way:
I disobeyed here some of the instructions while putting the pieces together in the right way again. I liked that this way all looks like a curtain. I then had the idea to position a window behind the curtain and was fine with the result.
I also included for this week dailycreates an assignment which were supposed to be done last Sunday. When I get the new daily create it is around 4 p.m. in my country. I decided to add this assignment to my 5th week dailycreates.
Record four sounds related to/resultant from any one daily activity. No words.

I recorded some sound and then realised that most of them are around water. I arranged in autdacity four sounds to one file, which inludes water from a tape, cooking water, pouring water into a cup and flush.

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