Sunday, February 17, 2013

so much to learn about photography

How to Be a Better Photographer. This was the title of one of the paragraphs of the week 5 instructions by Alan Levine.
Years ago (twenty maybe) I took an evening course in photography. I was still trying to get a foothold in the engineering profession and did this just for fun. I want to enjoy photography and was very angry when they told me my photos are good but I should be able to tell others what I have done, concerning the settings of my camera. I did not take this challenge at that time. Yet I took it some time ago when I started to work as a media assistant. I now know a lot about aperture and depth of focus for example, but I learned this knowledge is just part of what you need to make good photographs. Like that I found many good tips in the slideshow (located about  the middle of the page) which was presented for this assignment.
Of one of the guides I took a screenshot which you find below.

According to this guide I set my camera to the focal length of the eye and took photographs of part of my breakfast. Here they are:


It was interesting how close you have to go to an object when you have no zoom. During the shots I felt far more active than usual because you do not just stand on one spot and change the focal length or use the zoom. For these photographs it even meant to smell the food which creates an atmosphere of intimacy. Maybe this will become visible on the photographs when ever you will go close to an object.
The second guidance for me this week was a website about compositing. I chose trying to multiply myself on one photograph. This was a great piece of work. I had to gear, too, which is ever troubling to me. The result picture:

I like it.
Some difficulties were to overcome. The light must not change, otherwise you would see it on the composed image.  All items except the person must not be changed, too. The reason I can not explain shortly because this was purely practice and trying out for me. Yet I may make a tutorial and soon this will be available here. However, I can tell that using masks and layers in an editing software is necessary.
The third photography guidance was a slideshow with advice in it, which I found interesting. Yet I tried to catch up with these advice but did not succeed. I then decided to take to heart one particular piece which says; be patient. I may proceed following the given guidance until I take good photgoraphs which are caused by this guidance.

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