Sunday, February 17, 2013

I am Visual now

Summary of week 5

This week was fun and I may have done more than students were expected to do, not from the amount of creations but from the amount of time I spend on any.

This is a good cue to write about 7 Gifs around the Spiderwick movie. This is motivated by the ds106 assignment bank titled Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs, which I did here.
I consider this the most beautiful thing I did the week, but I know I got a lot of credit from the makers of the movie. The pictures already existed and I just had to arrange them in my way, which gave me some new experience in the area of story telling and I enjoyed being with the beautiful images for a long time.

Also inspired by the assignment bank was dividing a photograph in several frames and arranging them in a new way. The result I named Winter Kids. This task not only made me thought about visual problems but also about what advantage it is in winter when you are a child.

I did a third assignment bank create, which was required for week 5: Valentine’s Day Caption Challenge. Here is what I have made of it.

To continue here is my post about the photoblitzing, which meant to take 14 photographs of 14 different and given content in 20 minutes.
Doing the photos was a bit of stress for me, but I liked looking at the photoblitzing photopool on flickr  and had some good experience when giving comments and getting comments myself.
On flickr I set up a set, which includes photos of mine which I like in particular.  According to this set I designed another blog post named Great Moments in Time.

Really demanding was the idea to work through a slideshow which includes advice to make better photographs and to choose some of the guidance to use it for future photographs. In my post so much to learn about photography you will find a link to the slideshow and information how this task worked out for me.

Last but not least I find some peace from very demanding weeklycreates in the dailycreates. The results I summarized in  the blog post Peace.

Mostly this week I have learned that I have to learn so much more. I still feel unsure about how to make good photographs or how to edit images or make good compositions from images. However I have become a great deal more skilled this week and I may have enough time to improve to a certain level. My ideas are faster then my learning. Maybe in future it is a good idea to do more demanding visual design together with friends. What could that be?

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