Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm Like A Superhero

When I found this ds106 assignment called Animated Comic Book Covers I was at once very interested in the examples you can find there. In advance I  have to admit I am not able to create results like some of the artist there did. One simulated floating water, which I found fascinating. Yet I could not resist to have thoughts about very normal people who wish to be a superhero and can not find that their appearance does fit into this. What I mean is, when I look at myself it is all very OK but really human. Identifying with a superhero must look like the way my gif presents it, which I find lovable.

I owe a book "Filmwerkstadt" by Tim Grabham which is for children to learn about filming. This book contains one example of a flip-book which I have used for the hero in the foreground. The comic cover in the background I found here.
I loaded the images of the flip-book together with the cover into the image editing software Gimp. There I combined the cover with any image of the flip book. Last I exported the file as a Gif.

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