Friday, February 22, 2013

Gimp & Masks

Here I provide a Gimp  tutorial according to the visual assignment Multiply Yourself.

First open two of your pictures you have taken to show yourself repeated on one photograph:

  • Go to the File Menu and choose Open.
  • Again go to the File Menu and chose Open as Layer.

Now you have two pictures on two layers. On your screen you can see the picture on the top layer. We now want to make part of the underneath picture visible. For this editing software solutions are providing Masks. You can add a mask to any picture and manipulate which part of the picture is visible and which not.
For this tutorial it is important that you use a mask of white color, which means the picture is fully visible. If you now paint with black color on you mask, you make part of it transparent, which means part of the picture underneath becomes visible.

 Now we will add a mask:
  • Right click on the top layer and choose Add Layer Mask. (You can also find this in the Layer Menu)
  • In the pop up window choose white (full opacity).
  • Click the Add button.

Next we will choose the brush tool and we will make sure that the chosen color is black. You also have to set the size of the brush.
Then you reduce the opacity of the top layer, so that you can see something of the underneath picture.
(Don't forget to reset the opacity to 100% when you have finished the masking.)
Finally you will paint on the mask to make parts of the picture transparent which causes that parts of the underneath picture become visible.

  • Go to the toolbox and choose the Brush Tool.
  • Make sure the foreground color is Black, which is also the color of your brush.
  • Set an appropriate brush size.
  • In the layer window set the opacity to 70%.
  • In the picture window with the brush paint over the parts where you are in the second picture, so that these parts become visible. (This will appear black on the mask.)
  • (Be sure you have clicked the mask preview in the layer window, not the picture preview. Otherwise you paint black on your picture.) 

To make one picture out of the two layers you have to merge them. (You may like making further adjustments to make the two pictures look more alike in color and/or light before merging them.)

  • Set the opacity back to 100%.
  • Right Click the top layer and choose Merge Down.
  • Save.

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