Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have choseen this for a weeklycreate of week 6's ds106 schedule which is all about design. The suggestion is to build an image of an impossible animal. A nearer description you can find here.

Although it is not really noticeable I designed this nearly without any computer by using stickers of animals. I cut them up into parts and set these parts together in a new way. Then I took a photograph of the LadybugButterflyDuckFrog. I also took a photograph of a picture I felt suitable as background. In a photo editing software I darkened the image of the background and combined both, animal and background. I also have softened some edges of the animal, but left some interesting lines which are the result of cutting out around the animal.
Maybe this is more an insect than an animal or maybe insects can be called animals.
Looking at the result I realized that a ladybug and a butterfly already have been interesting for me in the past. I created some characters and decided that my hero, who is a ladybug should have a companion who is a butterfly. Now in this illustration I even made one animal out of them.


  1. What a great graphic.

    I love the sticker feel of the image (composed originally from stickers, yes?), which gives the impression that somewhere out there, there's a LadybugButterflyDuckFrog sticker set somewhere: He's one of it in a princess costume, here's one in an army uniform, here's one of it riding a tandem with David Hasselhoff. Very evocative imagery. Well done.

  2. Thanks, but the image has become even richer with your beautiful imagination. And yes the animal is created from stickers.