Sunday, February 24, 2013

Design Design Design

summary of week 6

This has been an awesome week for me. Although I am familiar with doing artwork without any consideration, this week I were lucky enough to experience more consideration than usual. Many thanks to Alan Levine's post on twitter which included my blog URL. He also includes me in one of his blog posts about social communication in the web. Let me be a bit ironic when saying I didn't know how touching I can be (:
Yet, I do appreciate that injustice of the kind that happens to me becomes public. And being part of social networks gives  me opportunity to communicate my situation rather than asking German friends and acquaintance for compassion. They are closing their eyes and saying it is all my own fault.

Back to creation, this week was all about design and I started exploring what Design is by checking out the material which was provided, that is pages and examples concerning design elements. This was exciting to read but then I wanted to start doing the designblitz assignments to grasp what is meant by looking for design in my environment and taking photographs of it.

A second task this week was to choose from the assignment bank assignments which have in sum 15 stars. Shame on me I just managed 14 stars:

Naturally I also did some dailycreates which you can find all together on the blogpost About Fruits, Pastry and Passion.

The regular students of ds106 have to realize a radio show as a midterm exam. I am thinking about to do something similar to this. Whereas students have to form groups to design a 20 minute radio show I may create a 5 minute show on my own. The theme may be Spring and the type Radio Drama. My logo may be this,

which may mean a symbol of my spring in international networking, social and creative.

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