Saturday, February 23, 2013

About Fruits, Pastry and Passion

Week 6 dailycreates

For this week dailycreates I have decided on taking a photograph of some cooking I did, to write a little story about I am a pastry, and to capture a photograph with an opposite title.

Take a picture of something you made, be it food, art, or something else.

Fruits with mint leaves.
If you could be any pastry in the world, which would you be?

I like pastry, why not being one. Now as I am a pastry I desire to be eaten and to be tasty and to look delicious. I am a pastry with fresh red and dark berries on it. Since my birth this morning I live behind glass among other precious pastries. I am spotted by a hungry person which has not enough money to buy me. I am touched by this desire and wished I had feet to just put myself into the hand of my new conquest. It is all in vain. A person so unpleasant gives money to the girl behind me and in return obtains me. I am put into a box and passed on. Then all happens so fast. My hungry friend catches the box with me in it and dashed away. After some time it gets quiet in my box. Then through a thin slit light appears and becomes more. A hand takes me and a rose colored mouth comes closer and closer and finally two sighs of relief are clearly audible while my admirer swallows me.

Add a Caption to a Photo that Makes it Say the Opposite of What it Looks Like it Means.

Literally translated this means ice bird, which is the German term of what is a kingfisher in English.    

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