Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good News from DS106

DS106 Propaganda Posters

When I read about this assignment which was proposed in the week 6 weekly stuff to do, I was confused, because I thought just Germans used propaganda in World War II. I immediately looked up if Google provides examples of US propaganda posters and found one which was appropriate for changing it into a DS106 propaganda poster. I am indeed very pleased with the result.

Compare this to the original poster, which you can also find here.
I used the usual tool of a photo editing software: selection tool and stamp tool (naturally you also need to transform, copy and paste). I thought about using the link proposed by Alan Levine's tweet

Here you can analyse which font is used on the poster and just working with the text tool to change the meaning of the poster. Yet, the letters of the poster have a kind of texture. The nuances of red in the red letters varies. I did not know a better tool than the stamp tool to simulate this texture and make the letters fit to the rest of the poster.

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